Privacy Policy

Acknowledgement & Consent

I / We the undersigned, wish to use the loan and insurance comparison service to enable me / us to compare all available financial products options / offers and the loan eligibility checking service to assess my / our eligibility for loan application ("Services") provided by Property 213 Sdn Bhd, or through its affiliates, subsidiaries, holding company and any associated company (including any company as a result of any restructuring, merger, sale or acquisition), (collectively "Company"). 

I / We understand that during the course of dealings between me / us and the Company, I / we will be requested to provide or has provided to the Company my / our personal information including, without limitation, my / our name, national registration identity card number, age, contact details, personal financial information such as nature of my / our job, income, assets and liabilities and other information necessary for the Company to carry out the Services ("Personal Information"). 

I / We understand that my / our Personal Information will be / is being collected, used and / or processed by the Company for any and / or all of the following purposes: 

i. to provide, update and send me / us information about my /our loan eligibility status;
ii. to send me / us information about products and services which the Company anticipate may be of interest to me / us;
iii. to enable me / us to access and use the Company's mobile application as part of the Services;
iv. to update the relevant property developer, panel mortgage bankers and panel lawyers my / our loan eligibility status;
v. to refer to me/us financial products and / or financial institutions (or their authorised representatives) that meet my / our requirement;
vi. to refer to financial institutions (or their authorised representatives) if my / our Credit Information (as hereinafter defined) meets the financial institutions' requirement;
vii. to communicate with me / us, in order to verify Personal Information provided, or to request any additional information that is essential for the Company to provide the Services.

collectively, (“Purpose”).

I / We understand and acknowledge that it is necessary for the Company to process my / our Personal Information for the Purpose, without which the Company will not be able to provide the Services that I / we have requested from the Company and to notify me / us about important changes or developments to the Services. 

I / We understand that the Company may disclose my / our Personal Information to business partners of the Company in relation to providing me / us with the Services, the relevant property developer, third party service providers as may be deemed necessary, professional advisers, financial institutions (or their authorised representatives), credit bureaus or credit reporting agencies and any of their respective agents, servants and/or such persons, for the Purpose provided that the Company shall keep and process my / our data in a secure manner. 

I / We further understand that I / we may request for correction (if my / our Personal Information is inaccurate, outdated, incomplete, etc), access to (a prescribed fee may be charged), or deletion (if I / we no longer have any existing services with the Company) of my / our Personal Information or limit the processing thereof at any time hereafter by submitting such request via post, email or fax to the following address: 

Property 213 Sdn Bhd
Block B-02-09, Oasis Square Office, Jalan PJU 1A/7A Oasis Ara Damansara
Telephone number: 010-213 4213 / Email:

I / We acknowledge that the Company may modify or update its Privacy Notice from time to time, a copy of which is available at and that I/we may channel any complaints or inquiries I / we may have in the manner indicated above.